Anal Glands

Unfortunately, a common cause of problems in our pets, particularly in dogs. How do I know if my pet has a problem? Bottom rubbing; bottom licking; anal gland abscess (a very painful problem characterised by a swelling to one side of the anus. If your pet presents with this condition, he or she will need urgent treatment at your vets). During bathing I will carry out an anal gland check.

A full body wash for your dog depends on many factors – age, breed, coat type and length of coats, condition of the skin etc. These are all taken into account when choosing the right shampoo for your dog. I have a wide selection of shampoos that ensures we have the right one suitable for your pet’s skin and coat type.

Being clipped for the first time may make your dog extremely nervous. At Posh Pooches, I will make your dog as comfortable as possible, minimising the scary sides of grooming. I will slowly introduce the sound and feel of the clippers, brush or combs, giving rewards and praise for good behaviour.

All dogs are dried with a blaster dryer - I never use box dryers.


Thick matting can be very painful and uncomfortable for your dog, especially when those mats are located behind the ears, flank or rear end areas of your dog. De-matting skills are developed with practice over time, and a visit to a professional groomer is usually required. Matt splitting requires much care and time and teasing small areas of matting at a time, most coats can be saved.

Ear Cleaning

I pour ear cleaner in each ear, and give the dogs a good ear massage, and then let them shake (repeat if anything yucky is in the ears). If there is any heavy secretion, I’d need to call in a vet. A dogs ears should be like a humans ears, clean and free of secretion and odour.

Ear Plucking

Plucking your dog’s ears can definitely be beneficial. This ear hair can prevent air flow into the ear canal so if a little moisture or yeast builds up inside the ear and there is no air flow then the dog’s ears can become infected. Plucking the ears regularly to keep the hair blocking the canal to a minimum can help prevent ear infections and moisture build-up.

Hand Stripping
Hand stripping takes a significantly greater length of time than clipping but that said there are some positives:

Nail clipping

Nail clipping is essential to your dog’s grooming routine. Untrimmed nails leave dogs vulnerable to painful broken nails. Ingrown nails can be a danger when nails are not properly maintained. When you dog walks and its nail click against hard floors, they are too long and need attention.

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